Welcome to the Just for the Kids – California. Teachers, principals and educational leaders are constantly looking for research-based, practical and effective ways to raise student academic achievement and close achievement gaps. The Just for the Kids® School Reports are designed to provide you, as an educator, with a unique and unbiased look at how public schools are performing, which schools are excelling, and how to recreate this excellence within your own schools.

Just for the Kids-California (JFTK-CA) does not grade schools, but provides common benchmarking of school performance by specific grade level and subject area. JFTK-CA collects and analyzes achievement data from the California Standards Test, the California High School Exit Exam and the CSU Early Assessment Program and presents it in an easy to understand format. Each public school in the state is measured and compared to other schools with equal or higher levels of certain student demographic characteristics.

This analysis is then used to identify schools that consistently demonstrate high performance. Once identified, a team of researchers studies the “Best Practices” of these high performing schools. These findings and additional resources are available to all schools interested in improving their student performance through the Best Practice sections of the website.

By sharing what works, effective schools can lead the way to improved student performance. We invite you to explore JFTK-CA, and to use the data reports to help identify areas of strength and areas that may need improvement. You can use the Top Comparable Schools Chart as a resource and reference for additional support to identify and visit actual schools that are succeeding.

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