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    Welcome to Just for the Kids – California (JFTK-CA), an affiliate of the National Center for Educational Accountability (NCEA). We provide free, easy to understand data on every public school in California to help schools and communities raise student achievement.

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    Enter a school now and start down the path towards raising student achievement. Or, consider becoming a Volunteer District by providing more complete data to JFTK-CA and receive a deeper analysis of school performance and areas for improvement.

    The JFTK-CA School Improvement System does three things:

    • Provides clear and accurate data charts based on publicly available information from the California Standards Test for Language Arts and Mathematics.
    • Helps schools benchmark their performance against the top ten performing schools in the state, region and county that have comparable student populations.
    • Connects schools to higher performing schools to learn what works as well as a Best Practice Framework and self-audit tool to help set measurable, attainable goals for improvement.

    All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners.
    School and District data provided by the California Department of Education and JFTK-CA volunteer districts.
    All other content copyright Just for the Kids – California 2008-2023.

    Please email for questions or comments regarding the site.

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